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Rise of the Empire Expansion Available For Star Wars: Rebellion

The Empire has a new weapon to use against any system that dares oppose its rule. The Death Star is a massive space station that houses a weapon strong enough to destroy a planet. If the Rebellion hopes to continue on, they're going to have to get the plans for that thing and find a weakness. That's the story behind Rogue One, and now you can bring that to your games of Star Wars: Rebellion, as the Rise of the Empire expansion is now available.

From the announcement:

It is a dark time for the galaxy. The Old Republic is dead. In its place, the Galactic Empire has seized control of the galaxy, subjugating worlds with unprecedented speed and ruthlessness. Every day, the Imperial flag spreads to new worlds. And worst of all, there are rumors that the Emperor has been developing a new superweapon, one with the power to destroy whole planets.

What do these rumors mean? Is this the death of freedom? Or is it the first spark of a war that will shake the galaxy? The time has come for you to decide.

The Rise of the Empire expansion for Star Wars™: Rebellion is now available!