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Rise of the Draconids - Draconid Starter Set Unlocked

AntiMatter Games has made it through their Draconids Start Set stretch goal for Rise of the Draconids on Kickstarter. Next to be unlocked is Lithiana.



From the campaign:

The stretch goals keep moving along for the Rise of the Draconids Kickstarter. We have unlocked the Draconid Cannon Master and the Deluxe Stater Set for the Draconid Legion now, so both can be added to pledges. The next reward up will be the sorceress of the Dark Mariners, Lithiana - Queen of the Deep.

Lithiana is a powerful Ethermancer who has delved into the secrets of the ethereal abyss and is able to summon beings from the void to serve her. The Queen of the Deep has trading much of her own soul in the process and ruthlessly slays any who oppose her.

Lithiana glides across the battlefield using a biomech levitation device, battling enemy forces with a deadly plasma blade. She also had the capability to lead and and control Biomech Constructs with the control device on her hand, making her doubly effective at controlling allied beings (ethereals and biomechs). Lithiana can be used on both ShadowSea and DeepWars.