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Rise of Cthulhu Card Game on Kickstarter

Rise of Cthulhu is a new 2-player strategy card game that's up on Kickstarter. Players must lead their cult in order to gain the most influence at key Lovecraftian locations in order to have the most favor with the Old Ones when they return. Sure, you'll lose your sanity at the end, more than likely, but you'll probably not get ripped to shreds right afterward.
The game is already over its funding goal with still 22 days to go.


From the campaign:

In Rise of Cthulhu you play as the leader of a cultist faction wishing to awaken Cthulhu and the other Old Ones to rule this world. But a competing faction races against you to be the first to awaken these chaotic masters.

By playing various numbered and colored Cultist Cards, you must control the prime Lovecraftian locations – Arkham, Dunwich, Innsmouth and Kingsport – in an effort to awaken an Old One. The faction that maintains the most influence on a location will gain favor when the Old One arises, while the losing faction risks the destruction of their sanity and souls.