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Ripples of Fate Available As PDF

Wyrd Games has made the latest expansion for Malifaux, Ripples of Fate, available as a pdf. For those that don't like having to carry around physical copies of a book, or if you'd just like a back-up copy to your other copy, you can get an electronic version.


The book, in case you'd not seen, has seven new Masters for the game. But more than just a couple sets of new stats, there's also new scenarios based around each of the factions and how they are looking to expand their control in the world of Malifaux. You see, the Governor-General is gone, causing quite a stir for the Guild. That has given a chance for the Arcanists and Resurrectionists to seize power. And then there's what's happening in the Badlands, which might end up with all the humans being eradicated from the world.