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Rifts: Heroes of Humanity Sourcebook Released

Aw, Hell.
Two demonic factions are looking to overthrow America (please, no political jokes :P ). It's up to the Men-at-Arms to turn the tide and keep the Earth from being annexed into Hell, itself. Because if America falls, the rest of the world is likely to follow. Thankfully, there's all sorts of new gear for them to use in the fight. And it's just that sort of thing that's covered in Heroes of Humanity, a new sourcebook for Rifts from Palladium Books.

This new book gives you a ton of new options for your characters. There's new character classes, weapons, equipment, and even new resources for building your squad. There's new alliances among the various groups, including the Coalition States, Northern Gun, Manitique Imperium, Lazlo, New Lazlo, and others that have teamed up... somewhat... to attack the demon armies. That's not to say that they're not sniping back-and-forth as well, but they've at least put aside some of their issues to work together.