Ride The Bunny

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy
Mar 11th, 2014

Ax Faction released their new Druid’s Daughter – Gnoll Hunter on Giant Hare mini over in their webshop.
Warning: embedded audio on their site.


From the website:

Exquisite, highly-detailed 32mm scale resin miniature – the Giant Hare measures 65mm in length!

Supplied with Art work trading card & slotta base.

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  • Nice bit of wimsy going on n this sculpt… just don’t google search for ‘woman riding a rabbit’ though… just a friendly caution there 😉

    • grimbergen

      uh…why would you be searching that term anyway?

      • That is assuming that you may have seen a picture of the image and not who sold it…

        Or that you saw this advert and forgot where you saw it but wanted to know where it was from?

        Alternatively… it could be for the very reason I issued my little caution. After all… it is what the WWW is famous for 🙂

  • mathieu

    “Highly detailed” must have changed meaning recently.

    • KelRiever

      Like the word ‘mint’ on every eBay auction from 8 years ago. I like the miniature, though I have no use for something like that. But it doesn’t take fluff to get me to like it. In fact, these days, ‘simple to paint’ would be just as appealing to me in reference to a miniature I liked…

      • mathieu

        Or “pro-painted” while we’re at it. 🙂

        I don’t dislike the miniature, I just think the details are rather coarse and few for it to qualify as “highly detailed”. Especially for a resin model that can reproduce far finer and more intricate than that. I suppose it does make it easier to paint, but incredibly detailed model can be very easy to paint if the sculptor had that in mind rather than adding details for the sake of it.

    • 4tonmantis

      Granted, it’s not the most intricately detailed model I’ve seen but it’s got ornate armor, the little belts have buckles, the cloth has wrinkles, her face has clear eyelids and eyebrows.. I think we’ve just become a bit spoiled in our selection and you might be thinking closer to the lines of finely detailed if you’re looking for more than what we see here. Unless you want everything to be covered head to toe in gear like Games Workshop stuff.. in which case that’s simply a matter of taste (which I don’t happen to share..)

      • KelRiever

        Or Warmachine’s straps, belt buckles and rivets. lol!

      • mathieu

        The issue is not that “it’s not the most intricately detailed model”, it is that it is far from highly detailed. And if you read my previous comment you’d realize I’m very obviously not talking about going the other extreme and covering it with and overabundance of details, either.

        There isn’t a single sharp angle on the piece: weapons, armor pieces, edges of clothes, everything you’d want to have a sharp transition or edge is soft instead. The swords on her back are particularly bad in that respect. No textures either on such a large model, except for a vague attempt at simulating hair on the rabbit (and the “vague” takes all its sense when you look at the WIP pictures on FB). Everything else is smooth. There are belt buckles but their tongues seem to be missing…

        I could go on. Ax Faction has a couple of very finely detailed piece in their catalogue, this hare rider well below their quality. If being spoiled is expecting something beyond soft prepainted plastic level for a highly detailed resin miniature, then definitely yes, I have been spoiled.

        • 4tonmantis

          Wow, it’s a toy rabbit dude.. chill..

          I agree that a lot of it is really soft (is it cast in restic?) but I think the subtle texturing on the rabbit’s fur is the right call.. If they had gone the other way it’d probably look pretty funky. As for the other details.. maybe I’m numb to it because I’ve built so many models.. I dunno. I like the rabbit personally.. the rider I could probably do without. A lot of kits I’ve been building have required me to come behind sculpting in a lot of things on my own that should’ve been there in the first place.

          Hey at the end of the day.. just don’t buy the thing. There’s no sense in getting that worked up over it though.

          • mathieu

            Chill? Worked up? I’m merely elaborating on an opinion. Apparently successfully since you seem to have understood a little better this time around.

            I couldn’t care less about this hare in particular. I just find that letting manufacturers throw “highly detailed” left and right for subpar pieces just encourages them to lower the bar on the quality of their production. And this happens to be a fantastic example of such a quality drop.

            It’s not like there’s a shortage of mediocre miniatures out there…

          • 4tonmantis

            Yeah but there are companies putting up a lot worse too.. Some of the recent releases I’ve seen from some companies actually featured here have left me shaking my head. I’m nowhere near being a pro sculptor but the ones I’m talking about make me look like a greenstuff god..

            It’s really hard to tell tone and intent.. I read your tone as being extremely bothered by this model claiming to be highly detailed. The elaboration just made it seem like it bothered you enough to incite a rant.. but that’s probably just me reading things between the lines that aren’t there.

  • I too find this severely underwhelming in the context of what it’s sold as and who Ax Faction is catering to. Then again I never much liked the idea of it to start with, but still found the concept art really good.