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Rick Priestley's 'Beyond the Gates of Antares' Kickstarter now live

Beyond the Gates of Antares is over on Kickstarter and looking for funding. Go check out the latest endeavor from Rick Priestley.

From the campaign:

Beyond the Gates of Antares is a brand new science fiction wargame universe from Rick Priestley - the creator of the Warhammer 40,000 game universe - and YOU!

Unlike other Kickstarter miniature projects that have done most of the work before hand, we’re here so that we can see if you are interested in not only backing us to fund the project but also if you’re interested in helping us develop the game rules, artwork, miniature range, tactical abilities, scenery, vehicles and everything else. We already know much of the initial design (well, it’s mostly in Rick’s head at the moment..) and we want to work with a unique set of enthusiasts with the vision to fund it and help us make it the best wargame experience that exists.

Simply put: we NEED you!