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Rezolution releases and new event shipping options

Aberrant have announced new releases for Rezolution as well as new shipping options for Origins and GenCon. From their announcement:
Aberrant are pleased to announce the release of the Vatacina Starter Box Figures. By popular demand we have been asked to make available as single figures the Vatacina Cardinal, Watcher and Brother of the mind from the Vatacina Starter Box. The Sentinel has been available for some time but now, for the first time you can buy the individual figures. ABERRANT are also pleased to announce the release of the APAC female ninja, only previously available in the Ninja Team pack. APAC Ninja (female) $5.99 Coming Soon - Rezolution HPT Scenery pack and the Shadow Assassin.
Available now - New Shipping choices for Origin and GenCon attendees New Shipping choices are now available on our webstore for attendees of Origins and GenCon. For a limited time (deadline of June 17th for Origins and July 30th GenCon) attendees of these cons can order on our webstore and select PickUpAtOrigins or PickUpAtGenCon as the shipping method to get free shipping. Your order will be available for pick-up at any of the scheduled Aberrant Warlands or Rezolution events on the Friday or Saturday. You will need a copy of your email order confirmation and ID to pick up your order. Any orders not picked up will be returned to our office in San Diego and you will be contacted to arrange for alternative shipping.