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Revolutionary Roads, new road terrain pieces for war gamers

Revolutionary Roads is a new company making flexible road terrain pieces for your gaming table.

From the announcement:

Wargamers need roads.

The problem is they are a pain to make and expensive to buy. They also suffer from paint chipping easily, or from it flaking off if the roads are too flexible.

The solution has arrived.

Revolutionary Roads offers completely flexible, durable AND pre-coloured wargaming road sets.

Revolutionary Roads are also very affordable. With our pre-release offer you can also save an additional 10% off our full retail prices until 12th May.

This means you can currently buy a 24 piece set for as little as £29.70 ($46.00 USD). That will give you around 21 feet of read-to-use roads!

To see our initial range and look at the gallery of photos of our roads on the table, please visit our website.