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Revised Edition of Kingsburg Now Available

Games can occasionally need a bit of an update. Mechanics can be smoothed out. Art assets can be redone. Components can get a change in material or quality. In the end, you've got an old game that has a new feel to it. For those that are fans of Kingsburg, you'll be happy to see that there's a revised edition now available. For those that aren't fans of Kingsburg, well, here's a chance for you to possibly become one.

From the post:

The realm of Kingsburg is under attack! Armies of orcs, barbarians, zombies, and all manner of foul beast lurk just across the border, waiting to strike. To counter this threat, you have been appointed governor of a border province by King Tritus himself. It is up to you to maintain your province and defend it from enemy attacks. When it’s all over, only one of you will ascend to the Royal Council. Will you be a shield to defend the realm? Or will you be trampled under the weight of the invading hordes? Prepare thyself. The revised edition of Kingsburg is on sale now!