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Revised DungeonMorph Dice Explorer Sets Now Available

Inkwell Ideas has revised their DungeonMorph Dice Explorer sets and now has them available to order over in their webshop. Go check 'em out.



From the website:

Now in 2014, these dice are being recreated with higher production values: there are fewer stray marks, the dice are more true and the map areas of solid rock are a prettier rock pattern instead of simple slanted lines.

The explorer sets are now available through the Inkwell Ideas web store. The Adventurer and Spellunker sets will be available in early October. The discount code "OffsetShipping" will give US addresses free shipping, while international shipping will be reduced by $6.

The DungeonMorph Dice Explorer Set includes 30 designs related to kill zones (traps), learned areas (libraries, mage's sanctums, etc.), prisons, tombs and unusual dungeon areas. While each die features designs with one of these concepts in mind, each die also includes a couple of fairly generic sides for general use. Even the designs with a specific purpose can be reused by making a small change such as switching a portcullis to regular doors.