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Review - Star Trek Starships Collection from Eaglemoss Collections

WarGameGuru takes a look at the Star Trek starships line from Eaglemoss Collections in this, their latest review article.


From the review:

This may not be entirely wargaming related, but it certainly falls under the scope of miniature models if you ask me. Considering it's also a Star Trek item...I'd think there's some room to assume it would be of interest to the inner geek in all of us wargaming and miniature model enthusiasts.

Eaglemoss Collections is known for some pretty nice pre-painted models, all of which usually come with a magazine. Some are sold as collection pieces for a chess set, others simply as little statues found in local comic-book shops. In recent years they've done loads of Marvel and DC models. I picked up a nice pre-painted Superman model that falls slightly short of 4-inches tall a while back. They also put out a Batmobile collection, which encompassed a vast selection of the numerous Batmobiles depicted in the comic books over the years.

Then I found out over the summer that they were doing per-painted diecast Star Trek ships, officially licensed and all. The clincher was they were only $19.99 each! Heck I spend that much on a single model I need to paint myself, so at $20 a pop it was an easy sell for me. They had me hook, line and sinker.