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Review Roundup

Hellooooo Saturday!
And what do we do on Saturdays? (We wear pink!) That's Wednesdays. No, on Saturdays we look at some reviews. So let's get to it.

Today we have: That's a Question, Seikatsu, Through the Ages App, Between Two Cities: Capitals, Storm Hollow, Whistle Stop, Rhino Hero: Super Battle, SpyNet, King Frog, Paramedics: Clear, Trickster: Champions of Time, and Zero Down.

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That's a Question Review

That’s a Question! is a party game in which you ask friends questions then vote on how they’ll answer.

Seikatsu Review

Seikatsu is a tile-laying game in which you are trying to match types of birds to score instantly. And match the flowers on the tiles for end game scoring.

Through the Ages App Review

Through the Ages is a classic civ building strategy board game that is now available digitally.

Between Two Cities: Capitals Review

Capitals adds more ways to score and depth to Between Two Cities without adding too many new rules.

theMCGuiRE review:

Storm Hollow Review

theMCGuiRE review takes a look at Storm Hollow the adventure Storyboard game. There is a ton of content in this system and I am impressed with its smooth mechanics, simple game play, and high level of quality components. It really is a fantastic gaming system for the family and I highly recommend this if you are a RPG'er or have considered getting into something like this with the family. All fairy-tails and stories from this realm are a reality in Storm Hollow. You will go on awesome magical adventures both fun to tell, as the game master, or experience as a player. The introduction is quick for the game master and players will be ready to play and start quickly. It also features a co-op board game experience as well - so if you simply want to set the adventure story mode aside and play a board game like experience, you can do that as well.

Toucan Play That Game:

Whistle Stop Review

In this video you can find out my thoughts on Whistle Stop by Bezier Games.

Board Game Quest:

Rhino Hero: Super Battle Review

The goal in Rhino Hero: Super Battle is to get your hero to the highest level of the communal tower.

Each turn, you choose a floor card from your hand that determines which and how many wall cards you will use (short or tall) to support the floor card. The walls are placed on the tower (either on the base level or on previously played floors) with the floor on top of them. If the floor shows a monkey, you have to hang a spider monkey from the floor card.

SpyNet Review

SpyNet is a very straightforward game, but with a card draw twist that adds some intrigue. Every player starts with a hand of one card. In the center of the table are the main deck and three piles of cards. On each turn, a player may “Recruit” by drawing cards or “Deploy” by playing cards.

King Frog Review

Colored lily pad tokens for three sections divided by wild lily pads are placed in a circle. The bulging eye player frog disks are placed on starting lily pads. Players also receive a hand of five mosquito cards numbered 1 through 5.

Each turn, players will simultaneously play a card from their hand. The lowest numbered mosquito card allows that player to move first, hopping their frog a number of spaces equal to the number they played. Spaces occupied by other frogs don’t count.

Paramedics: Clear! Review

The goal of Paramedics: Clear! is to not only save lives, but to save more than your fellow Paramedics. That’s right, this was surprisingly a competitive game.

Trickster: Champions of Time Review

Trickster: Champions of Time comes with 14 different character cards, each illustrated wonderfully by Beth Sobel. Each character has a card in each of the 8 colors in the game and 7 characters are chosen for each game.


Zero Down Review

Zero Down is a set collection/hand management card game for two to five players. Players try to collect sets of the same number or same color to score the fewest points. The player with the fewest points wins.