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Review Roundup

Let's see if the system decides to eat this one or not. Anyway, it's Saturday, and that means I'm happy. I've been doing various domestic things this morning in order to be ready for when a friend comes over for some gaming (Guild Ball and Ascension are the most-likely games to be played). The other thing I need to get done this morning is type up this post. Yes, I'm typing this up early and scheduling it to post later. The Magic of the Internet, everyone! Anyway, let's get to it.

Today we have: Stone Age, Wits and Wagers: Vegas, Space Editor, Kingsport Festival, Deadline, Herbaceous, and Holmes: Sherlock & Mycroft, Tiny Park, Suburbia: 5 Star Expansion, Windup War, Ethnos, Quartz, Medici, Frogriders, Mini Rails, and Drakkar.

Toucan Play That Game:

Stone Age Review

In this video you can find out my thoughts on Stone Age by Z-Man Games.

theMCGuiRE review:

Wits and Wagers: Vegas Preview

theMCGuiRE review takes a look at Wits and Wagers Vegas Edition. Vegas has recently successfully kickstarted and ready to make its way to retail. This version of Wits and Wagers is awesome and probably the best so far in many ways. So get your group and make your bets because what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas....or at least that is what Bear says!

Space Editor Preview

theMCGuiRE review takes a look at Space Editor a brand new game from Tactical Games and will be hitting kickstarter soon (Sept 13th 2017). I definitely recommend looking for this one as over the course of game play you build a beautiful space layout on the table with stars and planets and tactically make decisions on the fly that effect the rest of the game and the cards you have available to you as a player. Fun, simple, good game.

Learn to Play:

Kingsport Festival Video

In this video I will teach you how to play including: Setup, components, game rounds, player turns and final scoring. I will also give you my thoughts and opinions on the game, and would love to hear yours.

Board Game Quest:

Deadline, Herbaceous, and Holmes: Sherlock & Mycroft Review

We are back with another edition of Parental Guidance, where I play games with my parents and they let me know what they thought of my choices. This is all part of my never-ending search for games I can play with people who aren’t part of my usual gaming group. While we’ve always got the old standbys like Ticket to Ride or Catan, eventually you can get tired of playing those. With this article series, I’ll let you know what games I chose and why, and my mother will chime in to let you know how good of a choice it was for non-gamer.

Tiny Park Review

The goal in Tiny Park is to be the first player to complete your amusement park. On their turn, a player rolls the game’s 5 dice, with up to two re-rolls allowed. Once they are finished rolling, they must match the symbols from the dice to available tiles in the market. The bigger the tile, the more symbols will be required to collect it.

Once chosen, the tile is added to that player’s board and the next player takes their turn. The tiles are a polyomino shape, so players must be aware of the space remaining on their board as they begin to run out of room. The game ends once a player has finished their park.

Suburbia: 5 Star Expansion Review

Suburbia 5? adds 50 new building hex tiles to the game and six new ‘boundary’ tiles (like the ones in Suburbia Inc.) These new building tiles represent tourist-friendly attractions to add to your borough. New goals, challenges and bonuses are also there to be added to the game.

Windup War Review

To start, you choose one of the six factions to play. Each faction is their own type of toy, you can play as the Dinosoldiers or the Alien Army, for instance. Other than artwork, each faction contains exactly the same units and action cards.

Ethnos Review

Each player in the land of Ethnos leads tribes of creatures ascending to dominance. To win, players acquire victory points by maintaining control over land areas, having large bands of warriors, and collecting various racial bonus points.

Each card in the game has two features: race and color. Players holding a hand of cards have two choices on their turn: play a set of cards (called a band) or take a card from the display or the deck.


Quartz Review

Quartz is a push-your-luck game about dwarves mining gems and sabotaging each other.

Over the course of 5 rounds, you and the other players will dive into the depths of the mine, hoping to find valuable gems instead of worthless and troublesome Obsidian.

Medici: The Card Game Review

Medici: The Card Game is a press your luck set collection game for two to six players. Players are merchants competing to get the most valuable goods on their ships and to be the best trader in five separate commodities. The player with the most florins after three rounds is the winner.

Drive Thru Review:

Frogriders Review

Intro (00:00); game overview (01:08); final thoughts and review (05:38)

Mini Rails Review

Intro (00:00); game overview (00:43); final thoughts and review (07:11)

Polyhedron Collider:

Drakkar Kickstarter Review

Now we all love a bit of Norse mythology. The Marvel films are testament to that. A good looking chap with a big mallet walloping things around the head seems to make for the good times. And I’m sure he’s handy in a workshop too. Smacking nails into wood with one mighty swing – even less if he uses his hammer.

A big part of the old Norse history is the Vikings – another favourite of games and stories in general. Huge hairy folk raiding and pillaging their way around Scandinavia and eventually making their way over to Blighty to start the Celts on their merry way and give people like me their lineage. Focussing on the raiding and pillaging is the subject the upcoming game Drakkar from Spaceballoon games. Each player acts as the leader of their village and attempts to muster the resources needed to scamper off on a mission to grab as much loot as they can get their oversized hands on.