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Review Roundup

Man, it's hard to think that Gen Con was a week ago. At this point, the show was more than half-over. How time flies. Hopefully everyone was able to recuperate well. I seem to have missed out on getting Con Crud. So that's good. My feet were feeling just fine again by Tuesday. So that's good, too. And, just yesterday, I finally caught up on the massive back-log of e-mails I'd had. Of course, as I finished that back log, more had come in. But I'm getting to those as well.

Anyway, as it's Saturday, I've got your regular bit of reviews that I know you so desperate desire. I'm also looking forward to the coming weeks when I'm sure all the games people picked up at the show get reviewed.

This week we have: Barenpark, Whistle Stop, Flamme Rouge, 51st State: Scavengers Expansion, Herbaceous, CVlizations, and Cigar Box Battle Plush Gaming Mats.

Toucan Play That Game:

Barenpark Review

In this video you can find out my thoughts on Barenpark by Mayfair Games.

Drive Thru Review:

Whistle Stop Review

Intro (00:00); game overview (01:00); final thoughts and review (10:25)

Flamme Rouge Review

Intro (00:00); game overview (00:58); final thoughts and review (08:42)

Board Game Quest:

51st State: Scavengers Review

Much like the other small box expansions for 51st state, Scavengers doesn’t include any new factions. Instead there are 50 cards that can be mixed in with the core set.

The new cards in Scavengers change-up the game play in a few ways. The biggest new feature is that each player now has their own personal discard piles. This is important because any time a player has to discard a card, it goes to their own pile and many cards in the Scavengers expansion will reference another player’s discard pile. Some will let you draw cards from them, while others will give you resources based on the icons showing on the top card.

Herbaceous Review

Herbaceous is as simple and accessible as it comes. If it takes you more than a minute or two to explain the rules, chances are you trying to teach the wrong game.


Barenpark Review

Barenpark is a tile laying game that has you building your own personal bear park using tiles you take from a communal supply. Note that the first available tiles in any area are worth the most points and values dwindle as tiles are claimed and placed.

CVlizations Review

CVlizations is an action-selection engine-building game for two to five players. Players are the leaders of civilizations trying to write the story of their accomplishments through the ages. The civilization with the most happiness at the end of the game wins.

Meeples & Miniatures:

Cigar Box Battle Plush Gaming Mats Review

One of the newest products they produce is the PLUSH fabric gaming mat. This was developed due to the rise in popularity of using ‘Teddy Bear Fur’ mats for gaming – the PLUSH finish provides a deeper texture/pile on the gaming mat – it’s it not as long as ‘standard’ Teddy Bear Fur, but enough to provide a grass texture on the mat.

This review is looking at one of the Double-Sided PLUSH terrain mats that Cigar Box Battle will only be producing using a special kickstarter campaign, which is running until Friday 1st September.