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Review Roundup

It's a beautiful Saturday here in Atlanta. The sun's shining. It's warm outside.
... Sounds like a perfect time to go to the LGS and stay inside, playing games all day! :D
And to those dealing with ice up in the midwest, best to stay inside and play some games all day.
Long story short, it's a good day to play some games. But what games? Well, you could check out these reviews and pick from there.

Today we have: Ulm, Orcs Must Die, Titan Race, Tavern's Tales, Manhattan Project: Energy Empire, Doom, Flash Point: Extreme Danger, Praetor, The Daedalus Sentence, Twilight Struggle- Digital Version, Imhotep, Forged in Steel, Mi Tierra, Saloon Tycoon, Legendary Inventors, Flammer Rouge, Watch Your Mouth, Draconis Invasion, Ice Cool, Celestia, The Foreign King, Sub Terra, Wasteland Justice, Takenoko, and Drinking Quest Journey Into Draught.

Board Game Quest:

Ulm Review


As nobles in the city of Ulm, Germany, the players are attempting to build up the prominence of their city through exploring the opportunities of the various landmarks. Actions are taken using the city’s cathedral, which presents a puzzle of tokens. The most victory points at the end of the game wins.

Orcs Must Die! Review


There are actually two different versions of Orcs Must Die! The Board Game, Unchained and The Order. For this review, we’ll be going over (and using pictures from) The Order version of the game. However game play between the two versions is mostly identical, other than components. Owning both versions will allow you to play rivalry mode (more on that later).

In Orcs Must Die!: The Order – The Board Game (hereto referred to as simply Orcs Must Die for brevity’s sake) players must work together to defend the rift tile from increasingly larger waves of enemies.

Each round, players will be laying traps, purchasing gear, fighting hordes of orcs and other monsters, all while trying to keep their head above water. The game is played over nine rounds, and if at the end the invasion, the rift is still standing, players win!

Titan Race Review


Titan Race’s overall theme and objective is straight-forward. You control a fantasy Titan and rider against other Titans to see who will be the winner. Titans will not only have to battle with other Titans, but also have to contend with circuit (race track) hazards. Titans can use their special abilities and bonus cards to give them the edge, but the first Titan who laps the circuit 3 times is the winner.


Tavern's Tales Review


The game itself is designed by a Polish team called Tailor Games, now where they excel in game play and mechanics, they could do with maybe going in to a little bit more detail in explanation of their rules, this being said, we managed to get our heads round them after a couple of play throughs and found ourselves really enjoying this deck building style game. Tailor Games have got all aspects of Taverns Tales right, from the set-up of the game through to the mechanics of the mid game, and then made a very interesting system of scoring the game to determine a winner. Unless you’re rainman you will struggle working out who is winning up until you do the final score count at the end of the 9 rounds.

Drive Thru Review:

Manhattan Project: Energy Empire Review

Intro (00:00); game overview (01:33); final thoughts and review (14:17)

Polyhedron Collider:

Doom: The Board Game Review

DOOM board game review

In this era of constant remake, reboot and rehash, even this stalwart FPS has succumbed to the ever-marching tide of progress and it was taken on by Bethesda Softworks to update the game with modern graphics, a twist on the plot and another excuse to cash in on the franchise. I must admit a slight hesitation on playing the video game, as reboots rarely see the creative lightning strike twice, but in this case, like an alcoholic kleptomaniac with dysentery, Bethesda successfully captured the spirit of the original with the benefit of making everything look reddish brown. And whilst on the subject of cashing in, it seems that practice isn’t beneath Fantasy Flight Games either with their recent 2016 release of DOOM: The Board Game.


Flash Point: Extreme Danger Review


Flash Point: Extreme Danger requires the base game in order to play. If you’re unfamiliar, I’d say head on over to our base game review to learn about that before you start here. This expansion is fairly advanced, and I wouldn’t recommend it for beginners; from here on out, I’ll assume you have some familiarity with the core game.

Praetor Review


Praetor is a worker placement and tile-laying game that has players using workers to gain resources and build city tiles, budgeting to keep all those workers paid and happy, and spending resources to meet the Caesar’s demands. The point of all of this is to earn the most favor points so that the Caesar will love you best and name you Praetor of the city.

The Daedalus Sentence Review


The goal of the Daedalus Sentence is for all players together to find and unlock the escape pod. To do so, they must make their way from the center of the board to the outermost ring, avoiding Minotaur and Loctae patrols, while collecting the cards needed to unlock the codes for each gate.

Meeples & Miniatures:

Twilight Struggle- Digital Version Review


I’ve only been playing the game AI in offline mode so far. The AI does seem to provide a good challenge – either that, or I’m just rubbish! I even discovered a new crinkle on the winning conditions which I wasn’t previously aware of (You lose the game if you trigger a thermonuclear war – what I didn’t realise is that if your opponent triggers the war via a card that you have played, you are deemed to have started the war. The computer AI has done it to me three times now!).

Board to Death TV:

Imhotep Review

In Imhotep, the players become builders in Egypt who want to emulate the first and best-known architect there, namely Imhotep.

Over six rounds, they move wooden stones by boat to create five seminal monuments, and on a turn, a player chooses one of four actions: Procure new stones, load stones on a boat, bring a boat to a monument, or play an action card. While this sounds easy, naturally the other players constantly thwart your building plans by carrying out plans of their own. Only those with the best timing — and the stones to back up their plans — will prove to be Egypt’s best builder.

Forged in Steel Review

The game takes place over three eras (turns/decades), each with multiple phases in which players are dealt eight cards — all with historic black-and-white photos from Colorado — and must discard one and bank two for their final turn. Cards are used to either play Municipal Muscle points to build, buy, or seize structures, or used for the “event” listed on every card. Cards can also be used to set yearly “Headlines” or “Themes” which evoke a movement in American society or technology and change VP awards or other variables in the game. Structures are scored by multiplying the amount the sector tracks have advanced by the number of buildings owned. Different tracks progress differently.

Mi Tierra Review

Mi Tierra: New Era (My Land: New Era) is a worker placement game in which the players represent farmers that try to labor their land in the best way possible. They will have to sow and work the land and take care of their animals so they can produce goods and sell them in the different available markets.

In this second edition, players will have all the fun included in the original Mi Tierra plus more, since the second edition includes many more features like use of water for plantations, horses, new products and more. Also, instead of four players you will be able to play up to six-player games. Finally, the rules of the game have been revised to make sure that Mi Tierra gets even better.

Saloon Tycoon Review

Players are Saloon owners in an old west gold rush town. They’ve purchased lots on the four corners of the main crossroads and need to expand their small establishments into thriving businesses. Their goal is to create massive centers for commerce and entertainment in the wilds of the West. To boost their success, they’ll need to attract the wealthy and famous citizens of the town while keeping away the less savory characters.

Legendary Inventors Review

Lead a team of history’s greatest minds to glory in Legendary Inventors, a game in which 2-5 players each captain a group of four inventors working to bring their knowledge to life by creating useful objects to improve the world. Compete against rival teams to patent inventions and work to improve the knowledge of your inventors. The inventing team who has patented the most inventions or who has the smartest inventors wins.

Flammer Rouge Review

Flamme Rouge is a fast-paced, tactical bicycle racing game where each player controls a team of two riders: a Rouleur and a Sprinteur. The players’ goal is to be the first to cross the finish line with one of their riders. Players move their riders forward by drawing and playing cards from that riders specific deck, depleting it as they go. Use slipstreams to avoid exhaustion and position your team for a well timed sprint for the win.

Watch Your Mouth Review

Watch Ya’ Mouth contains a bunch of mouthguards and more than nine hundred phrases on 143 cards that you will find extremely challenging to say while sporting a mouthguard. Can you communicate clearly enough that others will guess what you’re trying to say?

The game is designed to play as teams usually of 2. One person wears a cheek retractor similar to what you get at a dentist. Then they read a phrase on a card with the equipment in their mouth. Their teammate(s) are supposed to try and repeat the phrase correctly back (without the retractors).

The team with the most correct answers wins.

Draconis Invasion Review

With over 500 beautifully illustrated cards, Draconis Invasion is a fast-paced strategic deck-building card game for 1-6 players. You and your friends must fight the forces of evil in a beautiful dark fantasy world. Players take the roles of noble Heroes in this 45-minute tabletop game. Defeat vile invaders while recruiting powerful defenders, garnering gold, and completing secret campaigns. However, as the battle rages on, fatigue and fear will begin to take their toll, bringing your soldiers to their knees.

Ice Cool Review

Ice Cool is a flicking game in which each round one of the players takes the role of the Hall Monitor (also called “the Catcher”) – his aim will be to catch each other penguin and get points for that. The others (also known as “Runners”) will try to run through several doors, thus gaining fish (that give them points) on their way. When either the Hall Monitor has caught each other penguin once or any of the others has gone through all 3 doors that have fish on them, the round is over. Each player will take the role of the Hall Monitor once and at the end of the game the winner will be the one with the most points on their fish cards.

Celestia Review

In Celestia, a revamped version of Cloud 9, you board an aircraft with a team of adventurers to perform many trips through the cities of Celestia and recover their wonderful treasures. Your journey will not be safe, but you will attempt to be the richest adventurer by collecting the most precious treasures!

The Foreign King Review

In The Foreign King, players take on the roles of influential Belgian bourgeoisie and who industrialize Belgian provinces, build metallurgical and textile factories in order to obtain greater economic power, vote in the National Congress seeking to increase their political influence, expand its social mass and send to the provinces under their dominion at the highest authority, King Leopold I of Belgium, to revise the provinces in the pursuit of their own interests.

Toucan Play That Game:

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