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Review Roundup

With this post, we'll have absolutely everything caught up since before Gen Con. We've had some Snippets. We've had some Terrain Corners. We've had a Podcast Roundup. Now it's just time to go through the reviews.

So without further ado, here's your Saturday Review Roundup.

In this batch we have reviews/previews of: Sentinel Tactics Uprising Expansion, Marvel Dice Masters: Age of Ultron, Batman Fluxx, Codenames, Carcassonne, Arctic Scavengers: Recon, Elysium, Kahuna, King's Ransom Deluxe, Machi Koro, Machi Koro Harbor Expansion, Systema Gaming Base-0 Habitat Units 1 and 2, and Die Waffenkammer's T-34/76.

Play Board Games:

Sentinel Tactics Uprising Expansion Review


Uprising is the first expansion for Sentinel Tactics. It introduces three new heroes, three new villains and four new scenarios.

Marvel Dice Masters: Age of Ultron Review


Age of Ultron is the latest expansion for Marvel Dice Masters. It has a bunch of Avengers and introduces the Guardians of the Galaxy and other new characters.

Batman Fluxx Review


Batman Fluxx is full of your favorite caped crusader’s allies and enemies. If you can reach the Goal in this ever-changing game you win.

Shut Up & Sit Down:

Review: Codenames


Codenames was the smash hit of Gen Con this year. It’s still perched happily atop BoardGameGeek’s “Hotness” sidebar, it sold out despite having a terrible name and a terrible box, and it’s the game I heard most people gossiping about. Under such crushing hype, and knowing that articles will soon be flowing in, today we're offering our review early.

Review: Carcassonne

While the rest of team SU&SD is away at GenCon, engaging in all sorts of cardboard debauchery, Paul takes the opportunity to sneakily make a video about an old classic and personal favourite, explaining why he thinks Carcassonne deserves the Shut Up & Sit Down treatment.

He also cooks himself.

We have nothing but apologies to offer for this video being a little late. That cooking (a pretty serious one), combined with some audio gremlins, was a bit of a setback. Don't worry, Paul is now regularly lathering himself in various balms.

Review: Arctic Scavengers: Recon

HELLO! And keep your voice down. It’s me, Arctic Scavengers Quinns, from our Arctic Scavengers review! Contrary to popular belief I didn’t die at the 10:26 mark. Like all good cliffhanger TV you didn’t see me get shot, leaving the screenwriters free to bring me back at a whim.

And we’ve got one heck of a juicy whim for you today. Arctic Scavengers: Recon is a big expansion for this phenomenal deckbuilding game of frosty bluffs, fully compatible with the “HQ” expansion in the base game. It’s also available in a box that combines Recon, HQ and the base game, which is quite the offers if this deceitful game slipped you by the first time.

Board Game Quest:

Elysium Review


It’s 2015 now and the minds at Space Cowboys have finally given us their newest offering, Elysium. In this card drafting game, players take on the role of a Demigod who is trying to secure their place on Mt. Olympus. Will Elysium score this hot new game publisher a trifecta of fun games or have the finally made their first misstep. Let’s find out!

Elysium is a card drafting and set collection game for 2-4 players that takes about 60 minutes to play. Elysium plays best with 3-4 players.

Kahuna Review


I was offered a chance to review Kahuna, another two-player game published by Kosmos, and I jumped at the opportunity. Who wouldn’t want to take on the role of one of two opposing “ancient sorcerers of the Pacific,” a.k.a. Kahunas? I am NOT making this up… it is on the back of the box.

Kahuna is an abstract game about building and destroying bridges in order to capture and hold the majority of islands in a fictional tropical setting. It is a two-player game only and can be played between 30 and 45 minutes – 30 if you are both gamers, 45 minutes if one of the two gamers playing happens to be my spouse.


Chess Pwned (A Review of King’s Ransom Deluxe)

King's Ransom Deluxe

King’s Ransom is a fast-paced card game version of Chess with a constricted “board.” Cards represent the familiar Chess pieces and – in the base game – move in the usual manner. The Deluxe edition includes some fun, non-traditional adaptations of those units and adds a little deck-building element.

Happy, Happy, Machichi (A Review of Machi Koro)

Machi Koro

Machi Koro is a light card game and in it, you are the mayor of Machi Koro. Your job is to make your city the largest in the region. You will use your cards and dice to build buildings, collect income, and install public works. Succeed and your citizens will love you and probably build a statue in your honor. Fail and they’ll probably all move into the winner’s awesome city leaving you with nothing to be mayor of.

Bright Lights, Bigger City (A Review of Machi Koro Harbor Expansion)

Harbor Expansion

You’ve built your city in Machi Koro and become the Mayor that everyone loves. But, as with all politicians, you crave more. More Establishments! More Landmarks! More ways to make money! Machi Koro – The Harbor Expansion answers your pleas by giving you a little bit more of everything to work with. The question that has to be asked is this: Is more better, or is it just more?

Graven Games:

Systema Gaming Base-0 Habitat Units 1 and 2 Review

Systema Gaming Base-0 Habitat Units 1 and 2 Review

We’re back with part 2 of our Base-0 wargaming buildings reviews. Last time we built and reviewed the HQ Unit, and this time we’re building both the Habitat Unit 1 and Habitat Unit 2 kits from Systema Gaming. These are laser-cut MDF modular terrain kits for wargaming, and suit sci-fi games like infinity and Warhammer 40k.

Battle Brush Studios:

Die Waffenkammer's T-34/76 Review

Die Waffenkammer's T-34

Battle Brush Studios take a closer look at one of Die Waffenkammer's 28mm size resin World War Two vehicles.