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Review Roundup

It's Christmas Eve and the first night of Hanukkah, so there's a good chance you're hanging out with friends and family. Hopefully that includes playing games of some sort. But how do you know which game might be the best? Good thing there's reviews out there. And that's just what we're here with now.

Today we have: Power Grid, The Bermuda Crisis Discovery Dawning, Grand Prix, Colt Express App, Red7 App, Legendary Inventors, Congo, Master of Orion, Final touch, Great Western Trail, Captain Carcass, and The Networks.

Toucan Play That Game:

Power Grid Review

In this video you can find out my thoughts on Power Grid by Rio Grande Games.

The Bermuda Crisis Discovery Dawning

In this video you can find out my thoughts on The Bermuda Crisis Discovery Dawning by Lysander Games.

Play Board Games:

Grand Prix Review


Grand Prix is a board game that reenacts a Formula 1 race. You have a team of two cars and score VPs for finishing in the top ten and based on your entire team’s placement.

Colt Express App Review


In Colt Express you are a bandit robbing a train. You plan your moves then watch them unfold and if you rob the most loot you win.


Red7 App


Red7 is a hand management game for two to four players. Players play cards to their personal palettes and to the central canvas in order to be winning at the end of their turn. The player winning once other players have dropped out wins the game.

Legendary Inventors Review


Legendary Inventors is played over three technological ages, with each age bringing more complex inventions for your inventors to create. Each player chooses a team of four inventors from various historical periods. Your goal is to earn the most victory points by patenting/acquiring inventions, improving your inventors’ skills and smarts, or putting together a “run” of invention cards with sequential classification numbers.

Meeples & Miniatures:

Congo Review


Congo is a game designed to be played by 2 (or more) players on a 6? x 4? table. The rulebook is a 108 page, full-colour hardback book, and comes complete with a deck of 44 cards and a sheet of punch-out card tokens and measuring sticks.

Board Game Quest:

Master of Orion Preview


In Master of Orion: The Board Game (hereafter referred to Master of Orion), players are trying to acquire the most victory points over the game’s eight rounds. Players have a variety of actions they can do on their turn, but most will involve managing their resources and building out their tableau of cards. The game can end in one of three ways, and when it does, you better have the most victory points if you hope to rule the galaxy.

Final Touch Review


In Final Touch, players will be competing to earn the most victory points from completed paintings. Each round, players will be playing cards onto a shared painting, with the goal of either finishing it, or ruining it. However, only the player who plays the final card to a painting will earn points. The first player to 25 points wins.

Great Western Trail Review


Players taking on Great Western Trail will find themselves running a cattle empire seeking to deliver the best herds of cattle to markets in Kansas City. They do so by directing a cowboy along a winding path through hazardous terrain, Native American villages, and way stations, which may or may not be helpful. The player who manages to make the most points from a wide variety of activities in that endeavor is the winner.

Captain Carcass Review


In Captain Carcass, you are trying to earn the most victory points by going on some deep see diving expeditions. Each turn, you will explore the briny depths by turning over cards from the loot deck. If your luck holds, whenever you decide to return to the surface, you can take all of your loot with you. However should you reveal a duplicate type of card, a diving incident occurs and you lose everything you’ve found this turn.

Once all the cards have been drawn from the loot deck, then game ends and the player with the most points wins.

The Networks Review


The Networks is card drafting game for one to five players who take on the role of TV executives attempting to build their fledgling networks from “Public Access to Prime Time” over five seasons (rounds). The TV executive with the most viewers (points) after five seasons is declared the winner.

Games can be played between 60-90 minutes, depending on the number of players and how quickly they play.