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Review Roundup

It's time once more for a Review Roundup. Why? Because it's Saturday! Woo!
As you read this, I'm hanging out with some friends, playing games. Took over a group of favorites, and hopefully will get me a new Guild Ball opponent, too. I also baked brownies, because I can't go to a friend's place empty-handed. Hopefully you're doing something similar, be it at a friend's place, your garage, or your LGS.
But anyway, I know you're really here for those reviews.

Today we have: Legends Untold, Mage Wars Academy: Warlock & Priestess Expansions Review, Aggressor: Recon, Shadows of Brimstone, Tambuzi, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle, Kill Doctor Lucky: Deluxe 19.5th Anniversary Edition, Tanks: Panther vs Sherman, Junk Art, Roll Player, and Potion Explosion.

Toucan Play That Game:

Legends Untold Review

In this video you can find out my thoughts on Legends Untold by Inspiring Games.

Play Board Games:

Mage Wars Academy: Warlock & Priestess Expansions Review


The Warlock and Priestess expansions for Mage Wars Academy add more wizards, creatures and spells to the series.

Midwest Wargaming:

Aggressor: Recon Review


Today I’m going to talk about Aggressor:Recon, a new game from Critical Snail Studios. Aggressor is a 28mm sci-fi miniature wargame set in the 23rd century. The game details the struggles of humans from various factions such as mega corporations and colonists, and the variety of alien species that inhabit the galaxy. This game is from a small independent studio, so a little roughness around the edges is expected, but I think the game has enough bright spots to make it worth checking out.

The Painting Frog:

Shadows of Brimstone Review


The Painting Frog blog has published yet another board game review, this time featuring Flying Frog Productions' "Shadows of Brimstone" game.

This might come in handy if you want to check another gamer's opinion before pledging for the new campaign being run on Kickstarter to fund the new box of the game series: "Shadows of Brimstone: Forbidden Fortress".

Board Game Quest:

Tambuzi Review


It’s dry in the African savanna and the only thing that will help is a rain dance to win over the weather god, Tambuzi. The rain comes quick and with it, comes lightning. Players will dance their animals around the sacred village rock and try not to get struck. Players will score points for each animal in a hut and when animals are eliminated when lightning strikes. The player with the most points that round receives a water drop, and when a player receives a second, they win.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle Review


Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle (hereafter just Hogwarts Battle) takes players on a journey through the seven films adapted from the books. They span the years of Harry Potter learning at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, meanwhile encountering the likes of various villains and one particular villain who-should-not-be-named. Players achieve their goals through some pretty standard deck building mechanisms and combating villains with spells, items, and companions along the way.

Kill Doctor Lucky: Deluxe 19.5th Anniversary Edition Review


Your player needs to kill Doctor Lucky before the other house guests do. Players will use cards to move around Lucky Mansion, use murder weapons to increase their murder attempt and to give Dr. Lucky “luck” to foil other player’s attempts. Players must also find the ideal room in Lucky Mansion where no other players can see them to make a murder attempt. Players will grow stronger after failed attempts and increase their chance for future success. The first player to successfully kill Dr. Lucky, with no witnesses, wins and the last player to not foil that successful attempt is the loser.

Tanks: Panther vs Sherman Review


In Tanks, 2 players will form their own squad of tanks and attempt to win the scenario. The basic missions in Tanks usually boil down to “destroy the other tanks”. However the game is setup for historical recreations and the starter manual even features one (Barkmann’s Corner).

To play the game, players must first build out a squad of tanks using a point allowance system. Each player will have an equal number of points that allow for tanks, hidden upgrades, crew cards, and possible heroes. The action in the game is simple, Move, Shoot, and possibly repair. Destroy your opponent’s tanks and you win!

Junk Art Review


In Junk Art, 2-6 players are traveling artists trying to install the best art projects in various cities. Three cities are visited each game. Each city has a slightly different twist, but all involve some method of stacking wooden pieces to form a sculpture and points are awarded in different ways. After the final city, the artist with the most points is the winner.


Roll Player Review


Roll Player is a dice drafting and set collection game that attempts to replicate the RPG character creation experience in board game form. The difference is that instead of creating a character so that you can then turn around and play a game, the character creation is the game. The person who creates the character that best exemplifies his class, backstory, and traits is the winner.

Potion Explosion Review


The goal of Potion Explosion is to complete as many potions as you can, as quickly as possible. You also get bonus points for creating sets of potions – either 3 of a kind, or 5 different types.