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Review Roundup

And we once more find ourselves deposited here in Saturday. Yayweekend! I've already had some good gaming going on. Got a game of Guild Ball in right after work last night. Masons (me) vs. Butchers (Ray). Technically speaking, I won. But really, I lost. Ray fudged his activation order on the last turn and it allowed me to win, 12-10 against his Butcher. But, really, he should've won 12-6 or 12-10. Masons don't like going against a team that negates armor and does extra damage.
As for today, got our first session of a new D&D game. Should be fun. Most of us haven't played 5th yet, so it'll be an interesting learning experience.
But that's as may be. I know you're really all here to check out the reviews.

Today we have: Sushi Go Party, Legends of Andor: Part II Journey to the North, Knightmare Live, Agricola: Family Edition, La Granja, Schotten-Totten, Heir to the Pharaoh, The Godfather: A New Don, Neuroshima Hex: Dancer Expansion, and Arcane Academy.

Toucan Play That Game:

Sushi Go Party Review

In this video you can find out my thoughts on Sushi Go Party by Gamewright.

theMCGuiRE review:

Legends of Andor: Part II Journey to the North Review

theMCGuiRE review takes a look at Legends of Andor: Part II Journey to the NORTH! This is an excellent expansion and one of the first major expansions for Legends of Andor. This expansion features a water / island environment and a winter experience. The board is double sided and HUGE! The experience is epic and follows suit to the original award winning classic. If you are an Andor fan - pick this up soon, you will not regret it!

Polyhedron Collider:

Knightmare Live Review


For those bespectacled nerds that did manage to wangle a go on one of the world’s first VR suites, complete with primitive 3D rendered Level 5 Wall Monsters, ropey actors contending with contestants who couldn’t solve a puzzle if it had the solution emblazoned in neon lettering on the far wall and a presenter who had such disdain for his contestants, he openly mocked them as they flailed around failing to solve the aforementioned puzzle. So, for anyone alive and under the age of 18 in the 80s and 90s, Knightmare proved to be essential viewing and probably started me on my path of screaming at TV contestants who showed less initiative than a tranquilised hippy after drinking 6 bottles of Buckfast.


Agricola: Family Edition Review


Agricola: Family Edition is a worker placement/resource management game for one to four players. Players are farmers building up their farming infrastructure while also having to feed their families. The player with the most points wins.

La Granja Review


On the island of Majorca, nestled among the hills in the village of Alpich is a small farm. Your farm. Island life is calm and peaceful, but don’t be fooled; the competitive spirit is alive and well in this sleepy Spanish town.

So you farm. You tend the pigs. You sow the fields. You hawk your wares. It’s hard work, but you’ve never been afraid of getting your hands dirty. In fact, if hard work were all that it took to be successful you’d be the best farmer there ever was. Unfortunately, Lady Luck is also against you and it’s up to you to tame her, because ward work isn’t enough on La Granja.

Schotten-Totten Review


Schotten-Totten is a two-player hand management game. Players are rival clans fighting over territory boundaries in Scotland. The first player to claim five boundary stones or three in a row wins.

Board Game Quest:

Heir to the Pharaoh Review


In Heir to the Pharaoh, one player will take on the role of the god Bast, while the other controls Anubis as they vie to take control of Egypt. Each round, players will be bidding to use the power of the gods to grant them special powers. These powers will let them build monuments, the pyramid and use animal magic in their quest for domination. Once the sun has made a full revolution around the board, the player with the most points will inherit Egypt and all its glory.

The Godfather: A New Don Review


The arena for Godfather: A New Don (hereafter called just The Godfather) is set in the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn during some fictional time when the mafia was just on the rise and Las Vegas was just getting started.

Players represent the heads of the five (plus one apparently for six players) families from The Godfather movie franchise. The game has players using dice to control neighborhoods that are part of various regions. The player that manages to control the most neighborhoods in each region scores a certain number of points aiming to be the overall point winner at the end.

Neuroshima Hex: Dancer Expansion Review


Armies in Neuroshima Hex have always been fairly unique in their own right. Even in the base game, each of the four armies have their own strengths and weaknesses. And that’s one of the things I love about Neuroshima Hex, how different each army feels.

Well expansion designer Rustan Håkansson decided to crank up that unique feeling to the max with the Dancer expansion. This expansion takes everything you know about Neuroshima Hex and tosses it in a meat grinder. What came out was the three units of Dancer.

Arcane Academy Review


The goal in Arcane Academy is to acquire the most victory points. Players accomplish this by casting spells and crafting magical items. During the game players will be playing tiles onto their slate, which will determine what actions can be taken. With clever tile placement, players will be allowed to chain actions together, giving them more efficient turns. The spells and items cast will also give players special abilities to aid them in their quest at being the top student.