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Review Roundup

It's Saturday and I'm finally playing in our second session of a D&D campaign that had its first one over a month ago. Tom Petty was right, the waiting is the hardest part. Anyway, while I pretend that I'm a magical music-man, you can read about all the games that people wanted to talk extra about.

This week we have: Fate of the Elder Gods, Posthuman Saga, Alien Artifacts: Discovery, Warfighter, Karuba, GKR Heavy Hitters, Vampires vs Unicorns: Floor Wars, Skyward, Dispatch: On the Run, Darwin's Choice, and Villagers.

Toucan Play That Game:

Fate of the Elder Gods Review

In this video you can find out my thoughts on Fate of the Elder Gods by Fabled Nexus.

Undead Viking:

Posthuman Saga Review

Board Game Quest:

Alien Artifacts: Discovery Expansion Review

The expansion consists of 50 new cards and a small rules pamphlet. The new cards are:

18 Alien Resource cards (a new mechanic detailed below)
10 Ship cards
10 Planet cards
8 Technology cards
4 Alien Artifacts cards

The biggest addition is the new card type, Alien Resource. This is the only new mechanic added to the game by this expansion. The rest of the cards can be shuffled into their corresponding decks from the base game.

Warfighter: The Tactical Special Forces Card Game Review

The concept and gameplay of Warfighter is not complex. Players select a location and an objective. They then prepare for the mission by selecting characters, gear, and skills. Actions, dice rolls, and card draws during the mission determine the outcome as well as the randomized enemies. Of course, as a card game, almost everything is represented by a card.

Karuba: The Card Game Review

Much like with its big brother, the goal in Karuba: The Card Game (TCG) is to get all four of your explorers to their respective temples. To accomplish this, you will be building routes from your deck of cards in a 4×4 grid.

Each player starts the game with an identical deck of 16 cards. From there, players draw a hand of three cards. Each round, they will then attempt to play 2 of those cards. However, each card has a number in the corner, which are added together and the player with the lowest sum must discard one of their chosen cards. Each player then plays the cards into their tableau. Players then draw back up to three cards and the process is repeated.

GKR Heavy Hitters Review

Each player in GKR: Heavy Hitters controls a giant robot and 3 drones (combat, repair, and recon). Before the game, each player will build a deck of 25 cards consisting of primary and secondary weapons, deploy, movement, reaction, and orbital strike cards. Players also get to choose a unique pilot card that will grant them a special ability.

Vampires vs Unicorns: Floor Wars Review

Players choose their side, either as leader of the Vampires or commander of the Unicorn army. Tiles are arranged about 5 feet apart in pyramid configurations with low level minions in front and the factions stronghold in back.

Using their faction’s card deck, players take turns standing behind their stronghold and throwing cards at the tiles of their opponent in an attempt to destroy their stronghold. Cards that land on the first line of defense, the basic minions, kill them outright. Stronger minions on the second row require two cards to land on them before they are KO’d. While a side has defenders, it takes landing a card entirely on a base to destroy it, but once all the other tiles have been taken out, it only takes a card landing anywhere on the tower to finish it off.


Skyward Review

Your goal in Skyward is to build a model capital city to unite a fractured land. Except you’re not on the land! And while everyone’s efforts give new meaning to the term skyline, the whole affair isn’t nearly as harmonious as it sounds. Each player heads a faction endeavoring to outdo the others with more impressive additions so that the city ends up with divided sectors like Cold War Berlin sans wall, barbed wire and machine gun towers. Instead you’ll have airships, pigeons and rocket cat. Yes. Rocket cat.

Dispatch: On the Run Review

Dispatch is a monthly subscription mystery in the vein of the modern escape room. Each month a new box is sent to players, and players must solve the mysteries in it. One story is told over seven boxes, and each box contains most of what players need to solve it. However, clues and information available on the web are necessary to successfully navigate each box, and information from one box affects the next. The introductory card in each box gives a hint to players of when the box is considered “solved.”

Polyhedron Collider:

Darwin's Choice Kickstarter Review

And so, plays Darwin's Choice, a game of creating and adapting species to their environment by cobbling together bits of other animals like a disturbed taxidermist. Over several rounds you will build new species, move them to better environments and evolve them in the hopes that they both survive and become the top of the food chain.

Darwin’s Choice is played by combining various animal body parts, each one with its own characteristics that help it survive and its own connection points that allow you to add more parts to your weird and wonderful creations. At the end of each round every creature is evaluated against its environment, food is divvied out and points are awarded for the creatures that survive, are best adapted to their environment and are just plain awesome.

Villagers Kickstarter Review

Villagers is a smooth, uncomplicated engine builder. Your goal is simple; become the most prosperous village, achieved by attracting the most skilled and industrious villagers who in turn will generate the most gold. You need to not only feed and house them but you’ve got to be able to supply them with the materials and tools they need to do their job also. Not forgetting that you need to draft them into your own personal pool of villagers before any of your neighbours do so; which is the first phase of the game: