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Review Roundup

International Tabletop Day. It's like our true gaming holiday. I'll be spending it playing D&D with friends (even doing a live stream and then uploading the video later, because that seems like a good idea at the time). I hope you also have something planned out for your day. I know I plan on getting you some game reviews.

This week we have: Pocket Ops, Envyra, Mysthea, Iquazu, Time Barons, Byzanz, Wonderland: Vast: Fearsome Foes Expansion, Pulsar 2849, and Zoo Ball.

One Board Family:

Pocket Ops Review

You are competing against a rival spymaster to send teams of agents into a secret base to steal the infamous Doomsday Device. Can you out wit and predict your opponents’ moves before they nab the device for themselves?

Pocket Ops is a 2-player game from Grand Gamers Guild and illustrated by Josh Cappel. It’s a game that takes just minutes to pick up because we’ve all played this game before. It’s called Tic-Tac- Toe. Before you say “for real?”, Pocket Ops takes the basic premise of this childhood game and creates something that is tactical and fun for any age player. The game introduces some fun mechanics that keeps players looking for the best move and trying to predict their opponents’ next deployment.

Undead Viking:

Envyra Review

theMCGuiRE review:

Mysthea Preview

theMCGuiRE review takes a look at Mysthea a brand new game \to just successfully kickstart from Tabula Games! They are still offering a late pledge so you may want to get in on this one as its a fantastic game with lots to offer, huge re-play-ability, awesome miniatures and very good high color artwork. they really pulled it all together in this title and its not one to miss for the collection.


Iquazu Review

In Iquazu, you take on the role of the Inox people who are trying to protect their valuable gems from the evil Rhujas. Where’s the best place to hide gems? In the rock wall behind the waterfall where any interlopers will need to contend with slippery rocks, dangerous water snakes, and a dragon named Silon. You want to be the best at hiding gems, presumably so the tribe doesn’t kick you out for being an inept gem-hider.

Time Barons Review

Time Barons is all about tableau building, card activation and managing affairs as best as possible while they crumble around you. You begin your chronological journey with one home site and ten followers. These represent trifling dupes you will attract and protect to secure victory, except when you exploit them for your own gain. You also start with five Level I cards and the rest of the deck is separated and stacked by their four Levels, broadly representing generic epochs. Your goal is to wipe out all opposing followers, or retain the most after exhausting three draw piles.

Byzanz Review

Byzanz is a hand management/set collection card game for three to six players. Players are merchants trading goods trying to amass the biggest profit. The player with the most points wins.

Board Game Quest:

Wonderland Review

Wonderland is played as a 4×4 grid of cards and each player has a hand of seven cards that will make up this grid. The red queen controls the column edge, while Alice controls the rows. The remaining 3×3 area is Wonderland, where players compete for control.

Vast: Fearsome Foes Expansion Review

The Fearsome Foes expansion presents players with three new characters which equates to six new combinations available to play due to the dual nature of each character. For example, the Unicorn character can be played as a new character using some of the Dragon components or it can be added as an NPC role. Each of the other two characters have a similar nature.

Pulsar 2849 Review

Space is one of my favorite themes for a board game. X-Wing Miniatures, Space Hulk, Armada…the list goes on.

The excitement of facing down your opponent be it in a starfighter or onboard a derelict vessel, making strategic plans and rolling dice to determine success of failure is just plain fun.

Pulsar 2849 (henceforth known as Pulsar) fits in this category as well….assuming your idea of a space themed game is not so much about combat but more focused on the cutthroat business of energy harnessing….

Yep. Pulsar is a VP collecting, non-combat space themed Euro.

Zoo Ball Review

Zoo Ball can be played with either 2 or 4 players. Regardless of the player count, learning the gameplay is extremely simple. Each player gathers a team of 4 animals (3 blockers and 1 scorer). The teams differ in color/art only.

Once setup on the game mat players will alternate turns flicking discs at their opponent’s goal. On a players turn, they can either flick their scorer, or all three of their blockers. Should a token go off the mat, it’s returned to the edge, unless it goes off on your opponent’s side, in which case it’s returned to your side.

A point is scored when a scorer disc makes it fully inside the goal. First to 3 points wins in a 2p game, first to score wins in a 4p game.