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Review Roundup

Welcome back again to Saturday. I hope you're enjoying it. I'm being a busy bear around the place, looking to finally tidy the den up after the long winter. Ok, so it's not really been winter for several weeks now, so color me a little lazy to actually get this project started. But before I start dusting, vacuuming, and whatnot, I need to schedule up this post to get you all the reviews I know you so desperate desire. So, for all those unfortunate enough to not be at Salute, let's see what we've got.

Today's articles include: Gruff: Stuff of Nightmares, Time of Crisis, Exorcism at the House of Monkton Falls, Paperback: Unabridged Expansion, The Bark Side, Tak, BetaBotz: Byte of Passage, The City of Kings, and The Grimm Forest.

Undead Viking:

Gruff: Stuff of Nightmares Review

Drive Thru Review:

Time of Crisis Review

Time of Crisis Review Intro (00:00); general overview (03:12); final thoughts and review (12:56)

Board Game Quest:

Exorcism at the House of Monkton Falls Preview

Players first setup The Exorcism at the House of Monkton Falls (EHMF) by laying out a series of room cards. Some cards have a lock pictured on them which means they are placed face-down. Other rooms are immediately available and so are placed face-up. Locked rooms can be unlocked as rewards from completed Tasks

Paperback: Unabridged Expansion Review

The Unabridged expansion is a modular system with over 80 new cards that you can add to your Paperback experience. You don’t necessarily have to throw them all in at once, and you can mix-and-match to customize your game as you see fit and give some added variability each time you play.

The Bark Side Preview

The starting player will lay down a card and subsequent players will lay down cards higher than the last card played or, lacking a higher number, the lowest card in their hand (called a tail-tuck). After everyone has played, the cards are discarded and the player who laid the highest card starts. Once a tail tuck has been played, players can lead with full sets of a number and players will have to follow with higher value sets or the same number of lowest valued cards in their hand.

Tak Review

Before fully understanding the following description of rules, readers would do well to keep an open mind. While the game described shares some similarities with games seen as “kids games” there is an undercurrent to the purpose of these rules.

BetaBotz: Byte of Passage Review

Enhancing your Betabot and completing missions to earn Bitz are the two main phases of the game. At the start, you will flip over Betabots cards equal to the number of players. Each card has a starting level of agility, firepower, structure, and processor that they will be able to modify throughout the game.

Board to Death TV:

The City of Kings Review

This world used to be a garden full of life; from the flying Vadora to the deep-dwelling Dwarves – but that was before Vesh came. The world has been lost and only one city remains; the oldest city in the world – and the last refuge for all of us. Now… we fight back.

The City of Kings is a cooperative tactical roleplaying board game for 1 – 4 players in which your character is tasked with exploring the hazardous world, trading for vital resources, and battling your enemies whilst uncovering a story of a world imperiled.

You start by choosing one of seven stories or twelve scenarios, then select your hero, with each of the six heroes featuring twelve unique skills and nine customizable stats that allow you to specialize in attacking, healing, tanking, worker management, or whatever you desire. Aside from your hero, you need to manage your workers, who must gather resources in order to trade for new items and build structures to gain powerful bonuses.

Polyhedron Collider:

The Grimm Forest Review

Once upon a time there was a trio of men who had a severe obsession in board games. Because of this obsession, they spent many hours playing, discussing and criticising their games, arguing about which was best. Needless to say, they almost never agreed.

It turns out that on occasion, the stars do align and said trio of man-children do reach a consensus. Unfortunately for the Grimm Forest, it's not a positive outcome.