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Review Roundup

Hello, Saturday. How are you? I'm alright. Still a little sick. Bit of a lingering cough, but I'm working through it. So no gaming will be had by me today (I'm actually just contemplating a nap). But I hope that your Saturday is a bit more exciting than what I've got going on.
At the very least, though, before I take another shot of medicine and go lay down, I gotta make sure you get those reviews you so desperately desire.

This week we have: Museum Heist, Race for the Galaxy iOS Expansions, Battle for Rokugan, Yogi, The Pursuit of Happiness: Community Expansion, Bubblee Pop, XCOM: Evolution Expansion, Dicetopia, Hot Shots, NewSpeak, Dragonfire, Codenames: Duet, Outpost Siberia, and Mage Wars Academy Warlord and Forcemaster Expansions.

Board Game Quest:

Museum Heist Review

Museum Heist isn’t a game about trying to get past security. Instead, it is about outsmarting the other players. Each round, players will decide which of the seven thieves they are going to pick to try to be one to land on the artwork token. Players will have only a few options each turn.

Race for the Galaxy iOS Expansions Review

Last year we reviewed the utterly fantastic Race of the Galaxy mobile app. Temple Games took a much loved card game and polished it up to a shine with their digital version. Since then, they’ve released three expansions for the app, which we are going to take a quick look at today and see if the are worth the in-app purchase.

However, as we rarely review iOS board game expansion, I’m going to keep this one to a general overview and quick thoughts. If you want in-depth analysis on any of the expansions, they’ve all been around for a very long time, so there are plenty of articles with that focus.

Battle for Rokugan Review

Starting a game is similar to the beginning of a game of RISK. Players will take control of territories on the board and if they manage to gain all of a particular color group, they gain a power card that provides a one-time bonus. Additionally, players are provided with 27 combat tokens in their player color including a single bluff token. Finally, players receive a couple of action cards and have choose from two objective cards.

Yogi Review

In Yogi, there are two types of cards. Green cards provide players directions to follow, such as having a finger touching their nose, the right thumb up, one arm up in the air, and so on. Orange cards have a placement – such as the card touching a left eyebrow, right ear, or other body parts.

Each turn, a player draws a card, reads it, and immediately begins following the directions of the card, while continuing to obey previously drawn cards, changing positions and twisting their body as needed. If a player stops following a card’s instructions, even for a moment, they are eliminated from the game. The last person to remain in the game is declared the winner.


The Pursuit of Happiness: Community Expansion Review

The first thing to note is that the expansion comes with some more cards that can be added to the base game without even invoking the new “Community” aspects. You get more life goals, projects, items/activities, jobs and partners. These are simply shuffled into their respective base game decks and play as normal.

Bubblee Pop Review

Bubblee Pop is a puzzle/match-3 game for two players. Players try to align rows or columns of three or more matching-color bubblees to score and unlock special abilities. The player with the highest score wins.

XCOM: Evolution Review

XCOM: Evolution is an expansion to XCOM: The Board Game. If you aren’t familiar with the cardboard version of XCOM, check out my review, but in brief: aliens are invading the world. During a digital-app-assisted timed phase, you’ll watch as UFOs circle the globe and aliens mob your base, and then assign ships and soldiers to defend your planet and attempt missions to fight off the alien threat. You only have so much budget to work with, and a press-your-luck mechanism with dice will resolve all your interactions.

XCOM: Evolution adds a whole slew of new challenges to the game, and a few new advantages.

Drive Thru Review:

Dicetopia Kickstarter Preview

Dicetopia Kickstarter Preview

Learn to Play:

Hot Shots Review

In this video I will teach you how to play including: Setup, player turn,fire cards, and end game conditions I will also give you my thoughts and opinions on the game, and would love to hear yours.

Undead Viking:

NewSpeak Review

Play Board Games:

Dragonfire Review

Dragonfire is a cooperative deck building game with a Dungeons and Dragons theme. Your party of adventurers must defeat encounters to win and gain XP and level up.

Codenames: Duet Review

Codenames Duet changes up the play of the popular party game. This version allows you to play with fewer people or smaller teams.

Outpost Siberia Review

Outpost Siberia is a cooperative card game of survival. Can you get enough food and water and survive the strange creatures you encounter?

Mage Wars Academy Warlord and Forcemaster Expansions Review

Mage Wars Academy gets two new wizards, the Warlord and the Forcemaster. These expansions also add more creatures and spells to the series.