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Review of Drifters army box from Wreck Age by Hyacinth Games (edited to add contest at the bottom)

Review of Drifters army box from Wreck Age by Hyacinth Games (edited to add contest at the bottom)

Wreck-Age, by Hyacinth Games, is a post-apocalyptic skirmish game. Human civilization has collapsed and those that remain must struggle against the elements to survive in any way they can. Players take control of a small group of humans who must eke out a living.

Hyacinth was kind enough to send me a box set of Drifters and wanted me to give you their thoughts on the subject.

So grab your goggles, hockey mask, razor-sharp boomerang and shoulder pads, ’cause here we go…

The box the models came in is a little smaller than a VHS tape box… and I just caused a large number of you to raise an eyebrow and go, “what’s a VHS tape box?” and that makes me just a little bit sad. So to be a bit more specific, the box is about 1.5”x7.75”x4.25”. There’s the covering sleeve that keeps the cardboard box inside closed.

Opening the box there’s a large, single piece of packing foam holding down the parts inside. I gotta admit, when I first saw the foam, I cringed and figured the models inside would be bent in all sorts of interesting ways. But, to my surprise, the figures were actually not bent much at all. There was some bending, but that’s to be expected with pewter miniatures. Nothing was broken and the things that were bent easily bent back in place with only a small nudge.

Almost all the models are single-piece. Only the Trained Berzerker and Trained Beast Handler were multi-part. This is somewhat limiting to the overall look of the models, but as each model is unique, the total look of the set I don’t feel is affected too much. The models have a good amount of detail on them, with fur and hair looking rather nice on the models. Cloth wrinkles also have some detail to them, though the cloth, itself, is untextured as most models are.

There is relatively little cleaning that needs to be done on the models. The photos are of the models in their “raw” state, not having been cleaned in any way. There is very little flash to clear away, much of it “structural” flash that was put there in order to stabilize the pieces during transit. Mold lines are also rather well-hidden or only require a little cleaning to take care of.

The box also contained enough slotta-bases to hold the models. The bases are 25mm and are essentially the same ones used for Warhammer 40k. So any aftermarket bases you may want to use would be easy to find as it’s a very common size.

The last things in the box are the stat cards and a token sheet. I found the two to be a little curious in their construction. The stat cards don’t have the glossy finish that the token sheet has. Also, the token sheet, which is meant to be cut apart, has the Wreck-Age logo and artwork on the back, but the stat cards have blank backs. The reason this is curious is that it seems these should be reversed, with the cards getting the nice backing and the glossy finish while the token sheet would be left without the finish or the two-sized printing.
Note: I didn’t post photos of the stat cards since I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to by Hyacinth.

The box set on the Hyacinth website is $50. So with 9 figures inside, each comes out to a little more than $5 per model. This is a pretty standard price-point for a starter box set and considering the skirmish-size of Wreck Age, this box alone could get you through quite a few games just fine.

And there we have it for another TGN Review. Thanks for reading.

Oh! Almost forgot!
You can win that box set from the review! Just leave a comment below on what you thought about the review and… hmm… say what your favorite post-apocalyptic movie is. I’ll do the drawing middle of the week!