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Hex Chests dice cases up on Kickstarter

Elder Wood has a Kickstarter campaign up and running for their Hex Chest dice carrying cases. They're more than 4x funded, so check out the stretch goals and extras.

Hex Chests


From the campaign:

We're Quentin and Dan, and we started making Hex Chests as stylish, personalized gifts for our friends to hold sets of Dungeons and Dragons dice. One day, Quentin's girlfriend shared our work online. After generous feedback and requests from the Reddit community, we decided to use Kickstarter to help get us up and running at scale.

Hex chest come in "Beehive" and "Open" styles to store whatever it is you love most that fits in a 3-inch hexagonal box. We dedicate the same patience, care, and tenderness to our expanded process that we did for our friends. First, we hand-pick the lumber at a local yard, then carefully sand, polish, and finish the wood until it shines. We craft the basic shape on a CNC router, and finish them by hand to give them just the right mix of precision and art that you deserve.