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Return to Hoth Expansion for Imperial Assault Now Available

So it's something like 70 degrees outside. So, not really Hoth-like (or really all that Christmas-like), but we can still imagine it's cold. Granted, it doesn't actually have to be cold in order to play the Return to Hoth expansion for Imperial Assault. But any way you feel like playing, the expansion is now available.


Actually, it's more than just the Return to Hoth expansion box that's available. There are also four Ally/Villain packs that are also available. So along with the "big box," you can get the Leia Organa pack, Dengar pack, Echo Base Troopers pack, and the General Sorin pack. Each one gives you more than just a figure, but also extra equipment and missions and other various benefits.

All of them can be picked up now.