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Return of the Dragon Game reaches funding goal

Artistic Justice Games has made it over their goal over on Kickstarter. So they're looking to break a bunch of stretch goals over the next 2 weeks.


From the campaign:

Hi Everyone! So today we did it... we unlocked our First of many Stretch Goals and have already unlocked 2 Prequel sets AND ! So for Jade Dragon tiers and above, you all will receive 21 Free Henchmen Minis to use in place of the core game minis.

Currently, these 21 minis are 1 sculpt and diffentiating the Thugs, Guards, and Special Ops are as simple as placing the respective token in their peg stand. BUT as we keep pressing forward and unlocking stretches, they can turn into 3 separate molds! So let's get going and get some of those awesome stretch bonuses now!

Coming up next, in less than 5k are Four Kickstarter Exclusive combo move cards, allowing tag team signature moves to unleash even more action in the game. And best of all... these 4 cards will be FOIL. (Hey, if they're exclusives, they might as well be awesome looking too!)