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Retro Raygun Pulp Sci-Fi game in development

Hydra Miniatures are developing a new tabletop game to accompany their Retro Raygun range of pulp/sci-fi figures. Retro Raygun playtest From their announcement:
Following the success of War Rocket, Hydra Miniatures has been hard at work on its next rule set – Retro Raygun: Pulp Skirmish in the Atomic Age. Game designer John Douma has been busy creating a scenario-based rule system that handles 20-40 miniatures per side, yet plays quickly with no paper record keeping. Retro Raygun shares the same background story as War Rocket, and will include army lists for forces such as the heroic Galacteers, the domineering Valkeeri, the octopoid Slishians and the unstoppable Robot Legion. Hydra Miniatures will support Retro Raygun with new 30mm models for every faction. The Hydra Miniatures staff has exceptionally high standards of quality, so no official release date has been established. However, the core rules are almost complete and ready for playtesting. During the next few months, Hydra Miniatures will make an official call for playtesters to help polish the Retro Raygun rules. Hydra Miniatures will be running two games of Retro Raygun at Gen Con 2011. The event is titled "Raid on Ixion" and in the scenario the Galacteers must disable a Robot Legion force field generator in a hidden robot base. This will be the first public demo of Retro Raygun, so players will be among the first to try these soon-to-be-released rules. Stay tuned to for more info.