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Retained Knights released at The Ion Age

The Ion Age has a new squad available over in their webshop. This one's the Retained Knights.
Go get yourself in on some of the 15mm sci-fi action.

From the release:

We were knights of Prydia and it was our duty by the Code Gallant to ensure the safety of the people if we could; even if it meant death in the attempt. However I had not expected to be called upon for battle against such a deadly foe. The Camarthen system was remote, uninteresting at that time, well away from the fighting with the League of Canlaster that dominated the thinking of the loyal Barons in those years. At most I expected my four hundred Retained to be training the enthusiastic but raw Camarthen Planetary Militia or seeing off the freebooters that think lonely planets easy pickings. We did not even bother to send more than a Demi into the Belkus Labyrinth with those exploration teams and I was in no way suspicious of Hugo Sevaris at the time. Then when the alert came through it was garbled but one thing was clear enough from the audio; energy fire was being used. Now I was young once and I wasted my auto-learner's time by a love of legend and tales. I knew of the Shia Khan and the sound coming to my helm was just as the texts described. Legend was not my sole love though I also harboured a hankering for mathematics too and therefore I also knew that I would best serve the Aeddan by telling the whole Precinct of what was occurring.

So I sent my knights to the underground Labyrinth and authorising the Wicca Protocol I also had a civil reactor sent with them on a separate Bantam repulsar platform. Without word to the authorities in Pelcan city I boarded a shuttle and boosted for orbit. As we made speed to exit the system I readied that now infamous message. The Khanate had returned. My actions were found valid and my honour preserved. Each day that passes I think of those I left to the Legions.

Some have inferred that I should have stayed, should have died with my knights. But they are wrong. I did the greater good and once done I was among the first to volunteer for Lectus Bower's retinue and I have been back on this now ravaged world since.

Report by Knight Commander Grimwood to Knight General Obermann. Fleet Command. 4331IC

IAF008 Retained Post Charlie
This week we have the first totally new pack of Retained Knights guardians of the Prydian Precinct and first in the line in the fight against the Khanate Empire. Code IAF008 contains ten brand new different poses all wearing Alwite powered armour and carrying a variety of weapons including Tumbler Mpi, Angis Rifles, Anvil Launchers and Moth Type 12's. As always this code can be bought as a pack or as single miniatures or select the three packs and save 10% option on the page.

This release brings the total number poses of 15mm Retained Knights to a whopping thirty seven meaning fantastic variety for your wargaming needs in the Ion Age already; just three weeks after our launch.

Remember there is a free miniature with every order. This unique miniature is currently a kneeling Retained Knight in cloak.