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Retailer Support added to Dungeon Saga Kickstarter

Mantic is adding in retailer support for their Dungeon Saga Kickstarter. Got a game shop? Go check it out.



From the announcement:

Just a quick note to say we’ve added retailer support to the Dungeon Saga Kickstarter.
We love adding retailer support to our Kickstarters, as we work with and enjoy meeting a great range of gaming stores, comic book stores and other stockists. This, and our Pathfinders are part of the support we offer local stores, but if there’s anything else we might be able to do for you, please do get in touch!

As it’s designed for retailers, it does carry a standard discount, plus five percent extra, as it’s Kickstarter. For that reason, we do ask you get in touch and we’ll get the ball rolling.