Restarted Fudge Dice Kickstarter up and running

By Polar_Bear
In Accessories
May 5th, 2013

Fudge Dice (yes, I’m still disappointed that these aren’t dice actually made of fudge) are back up and running on Kickstarter.

From the relaunch:

A new colorful line of translucent Fudge Dice have just launched on Kickstarter. Unique color schemes that will add loads of fun to any Fudge/Fate rpg games played. These are 16mm square faced translucent dice which are very hard to find in a variety of colors these days.

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  • Drusus Geronimo Rat Esq

    So that’s 4 Kickstarters created 3 of which have been cancelled, including twice for 1 product (the first time it appeared to have hit funding target too).

    Personally I’d not bother with posting anymore news to TGN about this person/company if this one gets canned too.

  • pete_melvin

    $17 for overseas shipping?! Are they walking them across the pond themselves?!

  • It’s also $17 to ship to Canada.