Resinfx Alien Spore available for pre-order

Resinfx is now taking pre-orders for their Alien Spore model. AS3_TERRAIN.jpg From their announcement:
We are happy to announce that our new Alien Spore model is available for pre-order. This is a large 5 part resin kit. The kit includes :
  • The main body
  • top part (head)
  • two tentacle-like arms
  • a 60mm themed base
The arms come in random poses and in addition they can be glued in various positions to make each model look more unique. The model is 7.3 inches tall and aprox. 6 inches wide ( if arms are glued straight). The 60mm base is designed to represent ground being crushed by the model dropping on it. The 60mm base independent from the body so you can mount the model on any other 60mm base or use it without one. The release of the model is expected in late April. It is already offered as a pre-order with a 10% discount.