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Resculpted Badger-At-Claw coming soon

On the Lamb Games will soon be releasing a resculpted version of their adger-At-Claw figure. Badger-At-Claw From their announcement:
Next month brings the release of the resculpted Badger-At-Claw by Daniel Fokine. While we still feel that Leandro's Badger-At-Claw was a fantastic model, with the rising cost of tin it quickly became too costly to continue producing. The new Badger-At-Claw is a much more poseable and customizable model in addition to being less costly. Featuring three separate head options, more adjustable arms, and a split at the waist (Perfect for displaying an Ambushing Badger.), the new Badger-At-Claw will be available in a Squad Box of 5 Models for $34.99 (Up from 3.) and a single model blister for $11.99. In Addition, once the new Badger is released the Aquitar Warband will be updated to include the new model. We'll also be at Adepticon (Just a few days away.) running demos and showing off Brushfire all weekend.