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Requiem Vampire Knight board game up on Kickstarter

Dreamship Interactive is running a Kickstarter for Requiem Vampire Knight, their new board game. Actually, it's three stand-alone games that you can play all together. The games are based on the comic series by Pat Mills and art of Olivier Ledroit.
The campaign is set to run for another 29 days.

From the campaign:

In the alternate universe of Resurrection you'll find a lot of crazy stuffs: sadistic vampire knights, buxom pirate ghouls, decaying zombie soldiers, remote-controlled werewolves, armored centaur-riders, really mad scientists, avaricious dragons, demonologist sorcerers, various bad divinities or genetic monsters and a lot of sexy (willing, sometimes) victims...

If you don't know the comics by Pat Mills and illustrated by Olivier Ledroit, I would strongly advise you that you rush to your favorite comic book shop to get them all.

If you know Requiem Vampire Knight: this is a game that should delight your eyes.

This original comics is a love story (what else) in a hellish universe where really bad guys have a ball with sex, violence and blood...

Requiem Vampire Knight – the Game is divided into three stand alone boxes. We call them Packs.

Each Pack contains the components for two players and features two new factions:

You can play four players games if you own two Packs (two players teams).
Obviously, if you own several Packs you can play any faction against any other.

There will also be Expansion boxes to improve these six factions and Special Expansion boxes, which contain special characters, new rules and expand the universe.

Pick one faction and choose ten development cards with your favorite heroes. Choose your path: total annihilation or territory conquest!

With some factions one way may be harder than the other.
Vampires are powerful but after a few turns they will starve and lose strength. Ghouls seem weak, but are resistant and their strength will increase. Lemures have less effects, but their werewolves are great fighters. The Hellfire Club has lots of magic to use, as much as Archeologists have science powers to unleash. Distopians are lizards, so they have dragons... and a dragon... well a dragon is always useful.