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Renegade Games To Publish English Version of Altiplano

The high desert isn't the easiest place to live. The arid region in the Andes mountains offers few resources to those that want to call it home. But people do, indeed, call it home. But they have to make sure they have what they need to survive. Collecting the right goods at the right times is key. And that's what you'll be trying to do in Altilplano, a new board game that Renegade Games will be bringing to a North American audience.

From the announcement:

Renegade Game Studios, a premier US-based board game publisher, and dlp games, publisher of award-winning German titles, are proud to announce their continued partnership for Altiplano. Designed by dlp owner, Reiner Stockhausen, this challenging bag-building game is set in the high plateau with scarce resources. Players will need to carefully collect the right goods at the right time while storing and delivering them strategically to survive the harsh environment. Altiplano is expected to release in North America in Q1 2018.