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Renegade Game Studios Brings Brick Party To English Audience

Add another to the "games being brought to an English demographic" pile. This is one you'll want to keep your shoes on for, lest you step on one of the pieces in bare feet. Renegade Game Studios has teamed up with Post Scriptum to bring you Brick Party.

Are you a fan of... uh... plastic building bricks? ... Oh hell with it. Do you like playing with Legos? I sure as hell do. But have you ever done it competitively? How about with an arm tied behind your back? How about with your eyes closed? These are some of the challenges you can go through during the course of playing Brick Party.

"We are really excited to be working with Mario and his team at Post Scriptum,” says Renegade President Scott Gaeta. “They put together something really special and we look forward to bringing it to gamers in North America.”

Expect the game to hit shelves in the early summer of this year.