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Renegade Game Studios announces Double Feature

Renegade Game Studios has announced Double Feature, their new movie game, illustrated by John Kovalic.

Double Feature


From the announcement:

Players earn points by being the first to name a movie that links elements from two DOUBLE FEATURE cards. The first player to earn enough points wins DOUBLE FEATURE!

"It's a totally new kind of movie game," said Kovalic. "You don't need to know movie trivia – all you need to know are the movies you’ve seen. While movie buffs will love it, casual movie viewers can compete alongside them."

DOUBLE FEATURE is the perfect game for anyone who enjoys movies. Every card contains a movie element from one of seven different Categories. It could be a movie PROP, a movie LOCATION, a CHARACTER from a movie, a SCENE in a movie, a THEME or GENRE of a movie, a SETTING of a movie, or a PRODUCTION feature of a movie.

Two cards are turned over, and players race to think of a movie that contains both of the elements in play. For example, if the cards are “Black and White” (PRODUCTION) and “New York” (SETTING), correct answers could include anything from “King Kong” to “Manhattan"!

"It's fast and fun, and it gets players talking," said Kovalic. "It breaks the mold of movie games. People just want to keep on playing it, and laughing about the movies they love...or sometimes, hate! It's an ideal party game for anyone."