Renegade Game Studios, a new game company?

By Polar_Bear
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Sep 10th, 2014

Renegade Game Studios is a new company showing off some games that seem rather… familiar…



From their Facebook page:

Publisher of great games such as Gravwell, ROFL, and The Doom that Came to Atlantic City.

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  • odinsgrandson

    I don’t get it…

  • The point is that none of the three games can be atributed to “Renegade Game Studios” and one of them (The Doom that Came to Atlantic City) was a quite noisy pseudo-scam fiasco at kickstarter.
    Now this company emerges with just a FB page that doesn’t explain if they bought the rights for the games or something else and no other information… so… it smells pretty bad IMHO.

    • odinsgrandson

      Oh. I was honestly hoping I had missed something.

      • Soulfinger

        All Cryptozoic titles, so this is probably an offshoot company that hasn’t fully gotten underway yet. They needed teh Interwebz presence though before going off to trade shows. There they are in the photos displaying and demoing these games at the Alliance Open House, so a major U.S. distributor has deemed them legit (assuming it’s not all an elaborate prank, in which case I’d only admire them more).

        • Also, don’t forget Cryptozoic’s ongoing troubles with Hex and WotC.

          • odinsgrandson

            So this could represent a re-branding, an sub-company a FASA style break up.

            Or a hoax.

          • Soulfinger

            Kind of boring to be a hoax though. New company takes over production of uninspiring product lines! snore Good hoaxes would be:

            GW to rerelease Dreadfleet in response to sustained consumer demand. Release will be next quarter, following Space Hulk. New version will include two new scenarios and additional counters.
            CMN to release Confrontation: Armies of Cadwallon, a new 15mm game of mass warfare. Players may build their armies from 5 unique factions of pre-painted plastic miniatures. According to Marketing Executive Spence Reaver, “We are very excited to bring back the spectacular dynamic that was Confrontation: Age of Ragnarok, but at a scale that allows for even larger battles than ever before! We are particularly thrilled to have Gary Morley sculpting all of our new Rams of Acheron models in place of using the tired, old molds.”
            Hasbro announced plans this week to purchase Fantasy Flight Games for an estimated $475 million dollars. Hasbro hopes to reinvigorate sagging MtG sales, which slipped in market value by 11.1% last year, according to Forbes Magazine, as well as disappointing market figures with other Wizards of the Coast (a subsidiary) products. It has been rumored that Avalon Hill (another Hasbro subsidiary) will be bundled into FFG, who will be responsible for reissuing its catalog of games, many of which have been out of print for decades. However an anonymous source at WotC has stated, “It is very likely that there will be a merger with lay-offs on our end. Expect a Dungeons and Dragons release very much like Fantasy Flight’s recent Star Wars game, maybe Magic as a living card game.”

            See! We need some kind of awesome fake rumor starting thread going on here.