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Renegade Game Studio Running Outbreak: Undead Survival Scavenger Hunt at Gen Con

Ok, I have to admit, this sounds pretty cool. Renegade Game Studio, to celebrate their upcoming Outbreak Undead Survival Guide, is running a special Outbreak Undead Survival Scavenger Hunt at Gen Con. It's part Assassin, it's part Scavenger Hunt, it's part Augmented Reality.

From the announcement:

The world is overrun with undead. Humanity has turned on one another as society collapses. You are one of those lucky few survivors… you have many choices ahead.

To celebrate the early release of the second edition of the survival horror adventure, Outbreak: Undead Survivor’s Guide, Hunters Entertainment and Renegade Game Studios are hosting an epic, convention-wide scavenger hunt at Gen Con 2018!

Every participant will need their own IR badge, or Infection Status Indicators (I.S.I.), that they can purchase at the Renegade Game Studios booth #2209 for $10. If you purchase a copy or pick up a pre-order of the Outbreak: Undead Survivor’s Guide, you will get the I.S.I. for free!