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Renaissance Miniatures adds new stretch goals and bonuses to their East Asian Village terrain Kickstarter

Renaissance Miniatures is doing fantastically over on their Kickstarter, getting more than 3x what they were initially hoping for. They've added more stretch goals and bonuses to their project.

From the update:

They add the a new building Dragon Dojo!

It will be free to all Magnificent Village pledges and for a limited number $40 then goes up to $60. It will include the weapon rack and weapons.

Also more stretch goals announced:

$30,000, every pledge of at least $40 will get a *FREE* Hwacha!

$35,000 we'll also unlock a smaller temple model and several variations of "peasant cottages" at various price points.

$40,000 new color combinations - this will allow you to choose one of several color schemes for the Ronin house, Temple and Pagoda.