Relthoza Fleet and upgrade vessels launched

Spartan Games have released a new fleet and vessels for Firestorm Armada.

Relthoza Fleet

From their announcement:

Spartan Games is very pleased to announce that the latest fleet for its Firestorm Armada space combat game – The Relthoza – has now launched and will ship to our sales partners around the world in July.

Intelligence on this fleet reads as follows: The Relthoza are long time allies of the Dindrenzi Federation, and were instrumental in defeating several Commonwealth fleets during the Terran War. They are a proud race that have evolved from a creature very similar to an arachnid, and have a warrior caste that revels in the opportunity to fight alongside the Federation Navy.

The Relthoza do not have Shield technology, instead they have Cloaking Fields which disguise the outline and energy signature of their ships. This makes it inherently more difficult for enemy ships to target them accurately, except that when the Cloaking Fields are switched on, the power usage reduces the rate of fire of Relthoza weaponry.

At the same time as The Relthoza Starter Fleet arrives so do the Carrier, Heavy Cruiser and Escort upgrades.

The models are also available to pre-order from our own Online Store.