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Relics: Vaettir Varbres available for pre-order.

Tor Gaming is now accepting pre-orders for the Vaettir Varbres for their Relics fantasy game. Vaettir Varbres From their announcement:
The next release for the Relics range, the Vaettir Varbres, are now available for pre-order. Release date 22nd April 2011 "Like twisted tornadoes of relentless destruction the Varbres are a swirling mass of fury, their natural adeptness in cruelty and wickedness leaves them hungrily relishing the opportunity to administer death as a way of torturously punishing all the creatures that they hold responsible for the downfall of their race. While the overload of raw magic clearly affected their physical appearance, corrupting them and infusing them with elemental properties, the irreparable damage that they suffered mentally is at first glance less apparent. All Varbres are undoubtedly insane and are constantly consumed by a passionate hatred for all living things. They are unpredictable in battle and are able to flit in and out of danger as and where it is necessary, they adopt many different forms and are masters in concealment, their skills are finely honed to perfection and in a fitting tribute to the wind element that their powers are derived from they able to change their will in an instant."
Measuring in at 35mm tall from top of base to top of head, The Varbres will be available in packs of two and are priced at £5.90 inc UK VAT. Whilst they are available for pre-order on our online store now, they will also be available through our distributor So, if you are a store in the UK that would like to stock the range, please contact Kingsley Distribution on the above url. If you have a local store near you that you want to stock the range, start annoying them to contact Kingsley Distribution. We’d rather you support you local store than buy direct if possible.