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Relics Nuem Pre-Order update on IndieGoGo

Relics passed their goal over on IndieGoGo and the guys are sweetening the pot for those that still want to help out.

Hey all,

We have decided to open the project up to all the factions.

Now, you can get a starter for any faction and take advantage of the Target Busting scheme to get your money’s worth.

In addition, ALL Target Busting Perks also include a PDF of the full game. We can’t edit the descriptions of most of the Perks now but the PDF is included. We promise!

Also, all targets will be expanded to give you a choice of models from all factions. For example, the first target that has already been reached has changed from a Specialis Pueri to a choice of one of the following: Specialis Pueri, Britanan CSM, Orcnar Niwian, Vaettir Evocatour.

The next target is changing from a pack of Auxilium Concursus to a choice of one pack of the following: Auxilium Concursus, Britanan Marksmen, Orcnar Grymann, Vaettir Elvspon.

All target after this will contain faction choices too. Oh, and you don’t have to chose them all from the same faction! So, you could get the Nuem Starter, CSM and Elvspon if you wanted!

So, what do you need to do? Spread the word, the more that back the project, the more you can get!! Oh, and if you haven’t backed it yet….. Now is the time!