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Relics IndieGoGo campaign a big success

Tor Gaming just wrapped up their IndieGoGo campaign, blowing away their original goal and they want to say something:


Our indieGoGo project for Relics has finally come to a cracking end and it has performed way above out expectations and we wanted to say thank you to all those who supported it, either through pledges or by spreading the word.

When we started it, the plan was for it to be just a special pre-order for the Nuem where the pre-orders could potentially get a free commander and maybe another pack of models if we did well enough.

In the end, it was for the whole of the range and for each starter people ordered they ended up with

• The starter set
• A copy of the PDF rules
• A Commander model
• 3 packs of additional models (each pack is a minimum sized unit!!)
• 10 custom dice with the faction logo on the 6
• A drawstring dice bag with the faction logo on the bag and a pack of four full colour.

That is an amazing haul by anyone’s standard!!!!

How did we manage to give away so much with such small targets? Simple, we set realistic targets that would allow us to provide the rewards and nothing else as we wanted to make sure you got as much as possible! Quiet possibly, the Relics project is one of the best value for money projects ever ran!

So, a massive “THANK YOU!!!” goes out to everyone who pledged to the project and to everyone who helped to spread the word! We hope you enjoy your wonderful goodies once you have them and welcome to Relicia!!!

Thanks so much!!!
Tor Gaming.