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Relics Clash now available from Tor Gaming

Tor Gaming releases Relics Clash.

From their website:

The very first cut of Relics clash is now available!!
When we first announced this game, we mentioned it being based on Unbridled Fury. The Unbridled Fury author, Damian Brymora, made some good points about some of the changes we proposed which would in essence rip the heart out of Unbridled Fury. We had to agree with his points and it was decided we would build our own activation system for Clash. Unbridled Fury would be left alone and to be frank, there is little you can change that will improve upon Damian work.

So, what we have here is such an early cut of the game, you wouldn’t believe. The amount of ‘on the table’ hours it has numbers in the single digits!!! So, why are we releasing it now? Well, it’s all part of getting you guys engaged and involved.

This is the chance for you to get involved with the development of a game and really make a difference.
This is not a Beta. This is not an Alpha. It’s so early, I’m not even sure there is a name for it!

Get it downloaded, read, played and feed back your thoughts. Then get ready to see the game grow with your help!
Oh, and the best thing about the whole game is that it allows you to use your existing Relics models, so that’s two games for the price of one!