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Relics Alpha closing soon

Tor Gaming will soon be closing the Relics alpha testing phase. From their announcement:
It's been just under two months since we released the Alpha rules for Relics and we have received some great feedback so far. But we want to hear more.. The Alpha will be closing on the 1st July, so if you don't get feedback to us before then, it will be too late to get your name in the credits... But, that's not all.. Shortly after the Relics Alpha closes, We will be offering the opportunity to all those that submitted feedback to take part in the Alpha of the Nuem force list. And maybe, just maybe, the Ridend force list too not long after. These will not be an open alphas however. Oh no. These are by invite only, and the only way to get the invite into this great opportunity is to get involved in the Alpha now. So, now is the time to get the feedback collated and sent into us. Then you can start preparing to help the Nuem reclaim their ancient kingdoms from the invading red tide of the mad King Jorje.