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Relic Knights Unboxings

Soda Pop has posted up some photo sets of unboxings of their Relic Knights starter sets over on their Kickstarter page.


From the update:

Protection of life above all else. The United Planetary Alliance was forged by the paladin orders of the Six Peers. It is through their dedication and sacrifice that civilization flourished, ushering in a time of prosperity almost beyond the scope of comprehension. Greatest of the orders, the Order of the Shattered Sword is the thin line holding back the chaos of Calamity—it is more than that. It is a shining beacon. It is a rallying cry! It is a promise that the Void will be stopped and life will prevail.

The Shattered Sword Battle Box comes with Francis Malory, his cypher Quill, 2 Paragons, and 5 Swordsworn.