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Relic Knights Special Edition Card Pack Available

Soda Pop Miniatures knows that Relic Knights models have been around for quite some time and many of you picked up some sets before the game based around them was a thing. So, for those of you that have those models, but not the stat cards to go along with them, they've released their Special Edition Card Pack so you can get the stats you need to put those models on the battlefield along with all the other Relic Knights minis now available.


From the website:

Are you a long-time Fizzhead who got your special edition models before Relic Knights had a game? Then the special edition card pack is for you!

This pack includes tracker and reference cards to field your special edition models in your games of Relic Knights: Darkspace Calamity.

-Suicide Queen — Unique
-Ayu Beat — Unique
-Candy Heart — Unique
-Kisa — Questing Knight
-Scratch — Cypher

Please Note: You do NOT need to buy these cards if you are purchasing the current special edition models, cards are included.