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Relic Knights new Stretch goal levels and Special Edition miniatures

Relic Knights has made it through all of their original stretch goal levels and has all of the factions funded. So where will they go next? With your help, we'll know soon.

From the update:

Thanks to your generous support, Relic Knights is well on its way to being the best it can be!

So what's next?

The Savior, Double Savior, and Gotte Catch Em All pledge levels have 2, 4 and 6 Special Edition Miniatures inluded free respectively.

We're going to unlock more choices for you as we hit our higher rewards, so you have more to choose from. These are for Kickstarter and conventions only and won't be available for general resale. $10 today will get you any extras you need beyond your allocation of 2, 4 or 6!

Get them now, we expect to sell these at conventions for $15 each, and probably won't make anymore when they're done!